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Terms of Reference and Letter

Public Deliverables

WP1 - Needs analysis, co-design and development

WP2 - Development of the InnORBIT digital toolbox

  • D2.1 - Specifications for the InnORBIT digital toolbox 
  • D2.2 - InnORBIT digital toolbox
  • D2.3 - Fine-tuning and maintenance plan for the InnORBIT digital toolbox

WP3 - Setting up and running local space support initiatives for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and scale-ups

  • No deliverables yet available 

WP4 - Monitoring, fine tuning, and recommendations 

  • No deliverables yet available 

WP5 - Dissemination, communication, and exploitation  

WP6 - Project Management and Coordination   

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