Project and Objectives


InnORBIT is set on empowering innovation intermediaries with practical and easily replicable solutions to set-up and run sustainable local initiatives. These initiatives aim to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups and the development and rollout of their space-enabled solutions be it in space or not in ecosystems with great potential for contributing the commercialisation of space.

  • Design and develop capacity building and business support programmes to empower innovation intermediaries to organise and run sustainable local initiatives for supporting space innovation.
  • Set up, maintain and fine-tune the digital toolbox required to support the organisation and implementation of local initiatives along with the provision of trainings and business support services.
  • Organise effective and sustainable initiatives for supporting space innovation and successfully engage entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups, including SMEs not traditionally involved in the space sector.
  • Deliver business support services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups to drive the commercialisation of their space-enabled solutions and accelerate their growth in line with EU actions.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance and impact of local initiatives and leverage the insights to deliver replication guidelines and policy recommendations for a better support framework for space innovation.
  • Define and implement evidence-based business models and plans for the sustainable exploitation of InnORBIT’s results as well as for the sustainability of local initiatives established in the frame of the project.