InnORBIT's local space initiatives

InnORBIT provides tailored support to innovation intermediaries - digital innovation hubs, clusters, industry associations and other enabling organisations - to set up their own local initiatives and support local innovators - entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups - to scale up their activities in the upstream, downstream and midstream space sector, as well as in sectors that could benefit from space-enabled technologies, data and services. 

InnORBIT's local space initiatives are offered to innovation intermediaries with diverse backgrounds, experiences and capabilities. Training from space and entrepreneurship experts are provided, promising to complement  organisations' competencies to make the best out of the commercial space sectors and inspire their ecosystems to be part of this experience.

Innovation intermediaries participating in InnORBIT's pilots may choose from:

  • Space Cafes
  • Space Hackathons
  • Space Incubators
  • Space Accelerators
  • Space Info Days
  • Space Sprints
  • Space Investment Tracks
  • Custom-made initiatives

InnORBIT brings local space initiatives to life through its two complementary programmes, (i) the Capacity Building Programme for innovation intermediaries and (ii) the Business Support Programme for innovators.


A guide to InnORBIT's local space initiatives

Our space initiative guide shows the main attributes of InnORBIT space initiatives. Scroll down to see more initiatives and click on the respective button at the bottom left side of the slide to see initiatives of each type already organised by other innovation intermediaries in your region and beyond.