Organisations offering services to promote the development of entrepreneurship, sectoral awareness-raising, and networking to a local ecosystem of entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, and other innovators. Indicative examples might include space and digital clusters, digital innovation hubs, industry and technology associations, etc.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, and SMEs are either active in the space and space-related industries or willing to enter those domains.  

Countries within the geographic regions of Central-Eastern and South-Eastern European countries are the primary focus of InnORBIT's services. However, given that all other conditions for inclusion are met, other countries might be considered as well - for instance, the Baltics.

InnORBIT's service provision is centered around the establishment of local space initiatives. Local space initiatives are specific and targeted efforts implemented by innovation intermediaries with the support of InnORBIT's consortium and experts with a view to facilitating local innovators to develop and/or scale up commercial activities in the space sector and space-related industries. InnORBIT's local space initiatives include Space Cafés, Space Hackathons, Space Incubators / Accelerators / Sprints, Space entrepreneurs' instruction and the Knowledge Hub. To learn more about local space initiatives, please visit our Services page.

InnORBIT provides tailored capacity building services to innovation intermediaries - through the InnORBIT's Capacity Building Programme - to set up and manage space initiatives to support innovators within their local ecosystems, by exploiting and implementing the services of the InnORBIT Business Support Programme. Support and advisory are provided to the personnel of innovation intermediaries throughout the local space initiative implementation to ensure its success and impact on innovators. To learn more, please visit our Services page.

Innovators receive the services of the Business Support Programme from eligible innovation intermediaries in the region of interest. InnORBIT supports innovators indirectly in most cases. To learn more, please visit our Services page.

The Capacity Building Programme is a set of services designed by InnORBIT to enable innovation intermediaries to set up and operate a local space initiative in their regional ecosystems. Services include training, consultation meetings with our experts, webinars and other materials to prepare innovation intermediaries to implement our Business Support Programme to innovators in their region. To learn more about our Capacity Building Programme, please visit our Services page.

The Business Support Programme is a set of services, tools and support provided to innovators through established space initiatives set up by innovation intermediaries in their region. Business support services are tailored to the needs of innovation intermediaries and are specific to the local space initiative selected. Support is provided at all points by InnORBIT experts during implementation. Of course, the personnel of innovation intermediaries participating in InnORBIT's programmes will be trained through InnORBIT's Capacity Building Programme. To learn more about our Business Support Programme, please visit our Services page.

As the project progresses, we will release further details about our services making your benefits clearer to the best of our abilities. If the information provided on our website do not reflect your case, please do not hesitate to contact us and pose your questions or request a meeting.

Yes, you are. InnORBIT targets both non-space and space-related intermediaries and innovators. As long as you want to experience space innovation, you are eligible for InnORBIT's services. 

A call for innovation intermediaries to express interest and apply for our 2nd pilot round will be soon available on InnORBIT's website. Step-by-step instructions for the application process will be provided to innovation intermediaries at that point. For any further information, please feel free to contact us.

A call for innovation intermediaries to express interest and apply for our 2nd pilot round will be soon available on InnORBIT's website. Specific instructions will be provided with details about the next steps following the submission of your application for inclusion to InnORBIT's pilot. For any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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For any queries, support and information needed for InnORBIT's services, please feel free to contact the project consortium.

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