What our innovation intermediaries say about the InnORBIT programmes


Cristina Stancu, Project Manager, ROMSPACE (Romania)

Cristina Stancu


"The CBP of InnORBIT serves as a great conversation starting point in setting up sustainable local initiatives to foster and support space innovation. As an intermediary, with experience in the space field but less experience in the assistance of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, it brought a new perspective by putting into focus areas that needed to be transformed. In Romania we are creating a space for discussion during our Space Café series meant to engage and create synergies between different ecosystem actors.”




Anita Kovacevic, Project Assistant, Algebra University College (Croatia)

Anita Kovacevic


I found the CBP very useful particularly in the capacity of the team assistant who is trying to acquaint other team members with the nature of New Space, the implications of the Galileo system and what this knowledge means for our local space ecosystem, of which the InnORBIT CBP is a key element.The division of topics in the categories of Running Space for Entrepreneurship Programs, and Space Training for Intermediaries, meant that I could easily access either the practical instructive modules, and then more general informative videos such as Insights from Eastern Europe, in the Space Training category, as this division of information and digital links was efficient and user friendly, and helped me guide my team well as they progressed through the CBP in a convenient online format.”




Katarzyna Kowalska, President, co-founder, UNIMOS Alliance (Poland)

Katarzyna Kowalska


"It's been an extraordinary and remarkable experience! We feel energized, empowered and highly motivated to work on space tech applied to agri-food and connected sectors. It was an incredible learning and discovery journey that opened up totally new growth pats for us and our members.”

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Anna Arató, Design Terminal(Hungary)

Anna Arató, Design Terminal

"We had and open and smooth collaboration with InnORBIT, they introduced us the format of Space Cafes which we just ran the 3. Time already with great success. Our new favourite event series!”

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