What is InnORBIT
  • InnORBIT is set on empowering innovation intermediaries with practical and easily replicable solutions to set-up and run sustainable local initiatives. These initiatives aim to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups and the development and rollout of their space-enabled solutions be it in space or not in ecosystems with great potential for contributing the commercialisation of space.

Why participate?
  • Space innovators - SMEs, startups & scaleups

    A Business Support Programme to support entrepreneurs in starting and scaling-up commercial activities to drive value from space innovation.

    Innovation intermediaries

    A capacity building programme for training innovation intermediaries to effectively set up and run local initiatives to deliver our business support programme (webinars and bootcamps).

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Key services
  • Local space initiatives

    Establishment of sustainable local initiatives to support innovators to grow their activity in space - Space cafes, hackathons, sprints, incubators, accelerators and space training.

  • Capacity building

    Capacity building services, training and consulting delivered by InnORBIT's experts to innovation intermediaries to effectively set up and run local space initiatives in their region.

  • Business support

    Services designed by InnORBIT for innovators and delivered by innovation intermediaries through local space initiatives. Hands-on support to access funding, mentoring, community building, matchmaking events and much more.

  • Digital tools and resources

    Useful tools and services for innovation intermediaries and innovators to get the best out of InnORBIT. E-learning, Investment Readiness Level assessments, database of partners, funding opportunities and InnORBIT community forum.

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