Presentation of InnORBIT at the 20th IECER Conference

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IECER 2022 welcome session
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Presentation of InnORBIT at the 20th IECER Conference
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Last week, Q-PLAN presented the InnORBIT project at the 20th Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) held in Maastricht.

This year’s theme was about “Entrepreneurship for a Responsible, Resilient and Sustainable Future” to which space entrepreneurship can offer a great deal through new technologies and ever-expanding use cases in space and other sectors.

The presentation took place in the “Entrepreneurship and the region” session and the focus was on the concept design of the InnORBIT Capacity Building and Business Support Programmes. We presented our process for creating a flexible framework for empowering innovation intermediaries to create local innovation initiatives for space in Eastern Europe. Special emphasis was given to the pilot activities of InnORBIT with a view to support the creation of new and grow existing space entrepreneurship ecosystems that provide a fertile ground for start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs to develop new products, services and functionalities based on space technologies and to cooperate with local market actors to bring them to the market.

Several academics with a focus on economic research and entrepreneurship attended the session. The attendants found interest in the effort of the project to create new ecosystems for space entrepreneurship, in some cases starting from the beginning. The questions posed were very interesting and meaningful that will fuel our future work with both innovation intermediaries and space start-ups.

The IECER conference was also a great opportunity for the InnORBIT team to meet other researchers and learn about their work and the current research problems in entrepreneurship research!

Special thanks to the team of SpaceTec Partners, InnORBIT’s leading partner for the design of the programmes and coordination of the project’s pilot activities, for their great help and contribution in authorship and provision of relevant information to present InnORBIT in this conference.

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