InnORBIT Programmes

How InnORBIT services work

InnORBIT supports innovation intermediary organisations to organise local space initiatives and support their local space entreprereunerial ecosystems (start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, academia etc.).

Our approach works in two main stages:

  • In the 1st stage, we work together with innovation intermediaries to design and strategically plan their local space initiatives, while offering training and consultation to build their team's skills and knowledge to build a success case
  • In the 2nd stage, innovation intermediaries launch their local space initiatives and start involving local space entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and also other market actors. InnORBIT offers on the side of local space initiatives, courses and training for start-ups, scale-ups and other innovators to learn more about the technical and business aspects of NewSpace.

For the duration of InnORBIT, our services are offered in two pilot rounds. First, we test our services with three innovation intermediaries (Corallia in Greece, Algebra in Croatia and ROMSPACE in Romania), which are members of the InnORBIT consortium. We improve and then we test our improved solutions with 17 innovation intermediaries across Eastern Europe, based on the lessons learnt from the 1st pilot round. Our ultimate goal is to create a service portfolio that can be used by virtually any innovation intermediary in Europe with interest on the space sector.



Roadmap of InnORBIT pilots


Capacity Building Programme

InnORBIT's local space initiatives respond to the needs of innovation intermediaries with or without experience in the space sector. Our Capacity Building Programme ensures that innovation intermediaries build all the necessary skills to set up their local space initiatives and provide high-quality business support services to innovators willing to conduct business in space and space-related sectors.

InnORBIT's Capacity Building Programme for innovation intermediaries encompasses an array of well-designed services supported by our space and business experts:

  • One-to-one sessions with the InnORBIT team to select the space initiative that suits your ecosystem
  • Self-paced training through a large selection of MOOCs in our e-learning platform.
  • Provision of assistance in resources and activity planning for setting up and running local space initiatives.
  • Progress assessment - Support and advisory services provision during the training phase.


InnORBIT capacity building programme training content


Business Support Programme

InnORBIT’s business support programme aims at delivering a tailored blend of incubation and acceleration services all of them carefully selected to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups seeking to drive value from the commercial application of space technologies in space or non-space areas. InnORBIT's experts will provide assistance to innovation intermediaries in effective implementation through materials, courses, technical support and tools.

Our Business Support Services packed in local space initiative include:

  • Business and technical mentoring
  • Awareness raising about EU space support programmes and initiatives
  • Awareness raising about Copernicus, Galileo and DIAS
  • Hands-on support to access to finance and funding opportunities
  • Matchmaking events, demo days and networking
  • Community building and networking

InnORBIT business support programme training content