6th Croatian Space Cafe - Space as the driver of agricultural transitions

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6th Croatian Space Cafe - Space as the driver of agricultural transitions
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Space as the driver of agricultural transition


Dr. Guerric de Crombrugghe -  Chief Product and Public Affairs Office, ConstellR

Dr. Guerric is an expert in the commercialization of innovations, known for his unique ability to transform demanding technical concepts into achievable business ideas. He graduated from the Technical School of Louvain, the von Karman Institute and the International Space University, and received his doctorate in aeronautical engineering from the University of Queensland in Australia. In 2020, he founded ScanWorld, a company that provides hyperspectral imaging services and related analytics. The company was acquired by ConstellR, where our speaker now serves as Chief Product Officer, with the aim of creating Europe's leading satellite imagery company for use in agriculture. Today, food production is the focus of all global factors, and it is characterized by new business opportunities, technological development in the field of carbon farming and ecological imperatives of regenerative agriculture. All this requires constant access and analysis of high-quality and actionable data. Only satellites can fulfill this goal on a global scale.