Space application workshop

Space application workshop
Space application workshop
UNIMOS Alliance
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UNIMOS have organized regional participative workshops with space components between 29-30 September 2022 in the region of Radom. It's been a fully immersive experience, as participants were visiting the apple orchards and pepper production, then on the afternoon evening participated in the bigger event that gathered regional innovations and stakeholders and the following day had several meetings with local leaders (for instance, president of local action group, directors and agri-food actors).

The InnORBIT component was part of participative workshops held for local enterprises and business and social support organizations as a part of good practices, technologies and interconnection between agri-food and space sector for innovations and future of food. Within the workshop they had four components: technologies, competencies, financing and good practices with the presentation of UNIMOS. After the presentations, there was a networking and questions and answers session. In total, 22 participants in our workshop and in the whole event 200 - where UNIMOS was one of the partners, including public administration, business chambers, women's network, companies and universities.

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