Official launch of InnORBIT's 1st Pilot Round

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Mr. Emilio Crespo and Thomas Tanghe with Corallia team during the Kickoff workshop
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Official launch of InnORBIT's 1st Pilot Round
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October marked the completion of InnORBIT's programmes and digital toolbox development!

Now we are moving on with our next exciting chapter - the official launch of the 1st pilot round activities, in which our three consortium partners - Algebra University / Algebra LAB in Croatia, Corallia in Greece and ROMSPACE in Romania and their local innovation ecosystems will benefit from the use of InnORBIT's programmes and services.

Our three partners will first receive the services of InnORBIT's Capacity Building Programme closely supported by SpaceTec Partners, our partner with strong expertise in space consultancy, starting in November and up until the end of 2021. This programme includes training, webinars and consultancy sessions to prepare the 3 innovation intermediaries to set up and run local space initiatives in the context of InnORBIT's Business Support Programme which begins on January 2022.

To kickstart the 1st pilot round, SpaceTec organised three one-to-one online sessions with Algebra, Corallia and ROMSPACE on October 20th and 21st. During these events, SpaceTec experts presented to our pilot partners the InnORBIT's Capacity Building Programme, discussed with them all available options and heard their needs to decide on the best course of action in line with pilot partners' development strategy.

Kickoff workshops screenshots

Algebra, Corallia and ROMSPACE have already begun their Capacity Building Programme training and are currently selecting the space initiative to set up in their region. Their choices include:

  • Space Hackathons
  • Space Incubators
  • Space Sprints
  • Space Cafes
  • Space Accelerators

Within the next days, the three pilot partners will announce their space initiative selection to SpaceTec Partners, entering into the core activities of the 1st pilot round.

To learn more about InnORBIT services, visit our Services page.

To learn more about our three pilot partners - Algebra, Corallia, ROMSPACE - and our expert partner SpaceTec, visit our Partners page.