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InnORBIT Replication Guide
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InnORBIT Replication Guide
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Check out the InnORBIT Replication Guide if you are an innovation intermediary seeking support or if you are interested in developing innovation ecosystems for the space sector. Tailored specifically for clusters, digital innovation hubs, universities, industry associations, and consultancy companies, the InnORBIT Replication Guide offers practical insights and resources to promote entrepreneurship through various initiatives.

The guide's fundamental purpose is to inspire and empower innovation intermediaries throughout Europe. By embracing the methodologies and programs detailed in the Replication Guide, these entities would have the opportunity to independently implement innovation strategies, thereby reaping the full benefits derived from their accumulated expertise and insights gained during the implementation of InnORBIT's entrepreneurship programs during the 2 pilot roundsFinally, a step-by-step business planning guide is offered to innovation intermediaries to support them in building a commercial case for their local space initiatives and make them sustainable in the long-term.

To enhance accessibility and usability, the Replication Guide was thoughtfully made available in an interactive format. It was structured as a self-paced online course, enabling a more convenient and flexible learning experience. This course was seamlessly integrated into the InnORBIT e-learning platform.

The Replication Guide was structured in 3 main parts, corresponding to the topics mentioned above.

You can read more details about the guide here.

InnORBIT replication guide