InnORBIT Final Conference: The space flavor of PODIM 2023

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InnORBIT Final Conference: The space flavor of PODIM 2023
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InnORBIT Final Conference: The space flavor of PODIM 2023
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InnORBIT brought the space flavor to this year’s PODIM Conference that took place on May 15th – 17th!  This week it was not all about business! We also had a blast in PODIM’s party and activities that created a lot of fun memories for us, as the project reached its final mile!

The highlight of our PODIM journey was the organization of InnORBIT’s Final Event. This was a perfect opportunity for our team, and the people who have been on the side of InnORBIT for the past 2.5 years, to showcase and take pride on our efforts to build stronger space entrepreneurship ecosystems in Eastern Europe!

We carefully selected our activities to offer a platform for experts and newcomers alike to talk about state-of-the-art space technology and its increasing importance in the economy of the future. We heard the perspectives of start-ups, investors, policy makers and innovation intermediaries, the very heart and soul of healthy and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems for space. Most importantly, we have hopefully debunked the myth that space is unreachable and exotic, which New Space proves wrong at every level! 


Main Stage: Space Economy Block

The "Space Economy block" took center stage at the PODIM conference, featuring expert speakers and a lively panel discussion. Thomas Tanghe from SpaceTec Partners discussed the future of the global space sector, highlighting the increasing involvement of the private sector and the potential for lucrative business opportunities.

The panel discussion included professionals from various space-related fields, covering topics such as IoT connectivity with satellites, venture capital investments, and the impact of the space economy on future jobs and skills. The experts also touched on the exciting possibilities of space exploration, even if reaching Mars by 2030 seems unlikely.

The PODIM conference provided valuable insights into the thriving space economy, showcasing the growing significance of private ventures and the potential for groundbreaking advancements in the field.

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