4th Croatian Space Cafe: New Space and its use in agriculture

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Screenshot during Ivan's presentation in the 4th Space Cafe
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4th Croatian Space Cafe: New Space and its use in agriculture
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The 4th Croatian Space Cafe was hosted by Algebra Lab on June 8th. Ivan Tomljenović led the café as the lead speaker and presenter.

Ivan represents OIKON Ltd. – Institute of Applied Ecology, a leading licensed and accredited consulting company / research institute in the field of applied ecology in Croatia and the region with 23 years of experience.  They provide services in the fields of nature and environmental protection, industrial ecology, renewable energy, natural resource management, ecological modeling, landscape analysis and design, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and ICT, environmental law, policy and economics, feasibility studies, as well as program and project management.

The guest speaker, talked about the analysis of agricultural crops through the change of machine learning methods and data obtained by satellite missions. The presentation was followed by a discussion with local participants who posed questions to the presenter. Participants were interested on how to access satellite data related to this area of study and in response, Ivan introduced participants to the use of the Sentinel platform.

Participants were encouraged to continue their education of the topic and follow up with links about the InnORBIT project and its offerings.  Ivan also had a list of links which I sent out to participants following the event, so they could learn more about space topics related to his field of specialty.

To see more news and upcoming events of the Croatian Space Cafe, visit the initiative page in English and Croatian.