3rd Info Day for Innovation Intermediaries

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Screenshot during the 3rd info day
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3rd Info Day for Innovation Intermediaries
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InnORBIT’s 3rd Info Day was organized on May 12th, 2022 Two additional Eastern European innovation intermediaries responding to our 2nd Pilot Open Call had the chance to get to know the project better as well as its Capacity Building, Business Support Programmes and the local Space Initiatives. Participants posed their questions to the InnORBIT team before making a decision to move a step forward towards participating in our pilot.

The session started with a welcome and introductions among the participants and was followed by a presentation of the insights of the space sector in Eastern Europe by SpaceTec Partners, the leading partner for the design and implementation of the InnORBIT programmes. Cristina Stancu from ROMSPACE shared with the participants their experience from the training programme and the organisation and the lessons learnt from the launch of the Romanian Space Cafe initiative, in the 1st pilot round. Finally, Iasmina Cioroianu from Startup Europe Networks, explained to the innovation intermediaries the next steps ahead for the participation in the 2nd pilot round of InnORBIT.