3rd Croatian Space Cafe

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Mirta Medanic in the beginning of her presentation
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3rd Croatian Space Cafe - Space and the financial sector
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The 3rd Croatian Space cafe was organised by our partner Algebra on May 19th 2022. The event is part of the Croatian Space Cafe initiative, supported in the frame of InnORBIT.

This time, the topic focused on the financial sector and the intersection with the space sector, its technologies, applications and opportunities offered.

The invited speaker was Mirta Medanic of Amphinicy Technologies, the world's leading software provider for companies operating in the satellite industry.

Mirta presented the topic starting from a high-level view of space technologies, data and applications in the financial sector to ensure a smooth introduction of participants in this probably unexplored area which is full of possibilities. Then, Mirta, showcased potential career pathways to inspire students and young professionals. Finally, Mirta opened a communication channels for those who are interested to learn more details  - during and after the event. 

Participants finally asked their questions to the presenter and a discussion followed.

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