1st Validation Workshop

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1st Validation Workshop - 2nd session presentation
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1st Validation Workshop
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On May 4th, 2022 InnORBIT organised its 1st Online Validation Workshop.

During this workshop, we have invited experts from the InnORBIT Advisory Board and the partners' networks to present them the InnORBIT programmes (Capacity Building and Business Support Programme), the local space initiatives supported by the InnORBIT project to boost space entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe as well as the project online presence and virtual tools.

The Validation Workshop organisation was led by Tech Tour Global and supported by SpaceTec Partners and Q-PLAN. The rest of the InnORBIT consortium was present as well, either to provide recommendations and to keep track of experts' recommendations, affecting their work within the project.    

The InnORBIT team made short presentations on the project material, services and tools, followed by experts' questions for clarification. Experts then were invited to provide their observations and recommendations for improvement of the InnORBIT's value, services, programmes and digital tools. All experts were invited to have their say. Tech Tour implemented the highly effective "Trust Groups" format to lead the discussion, which allows participants to express their views uninterrupted by the rest of the participants.

The InnORBIT team, in the frame of the "Trust Groups" format, made comments on the received expert feedback and highlighted their key learning points (i.e. remarks that impressed them most, or that should be prioritised). Finally, the InnORBIT team committed to change through Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) goals. The improvements will be put in place before the start of the 2nd pilot activities in summer 2022. 

A huge thanks to the Advisory Board and the rest of experts for their valuable insights and contribution of expertise in a constructive and positive manner to make InnORBIT better!