15th ESPI Autumn Conference

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15th ESPI Autumn Conference
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The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is organising its 15th Autumn Conference on 5th - 7th October 2021.

The conference will have a hybrid format:

  • Physical presence of guest speakers in ESPI's premises in Vienna, Austria
  • Live broadcasting and interaction with the audience


This year's topic is "European space solutions for European ambitions: Why does Europe need European satellites?" which will be discussed amongst high-level officials and participants from the public and private sector will have the chance to pose their burning questions.


One session will be held each day - dedicated to a topic:

  • 1st session: Space for Green Deal, Green Deal in Space - October 5th

The first session is called Green Deal for Space – Green Deal in Space? European ambitions and solutions for sustainable development on Earth and in space.

This session will address impacts and opportunities of the European Green Deal for the space sector and the challenges for a Green Deal in space. Panelists and participants will address the role of space in the implementation of the Green Deal as well as the potential extension of it to the space environment in order to ensure space sustainability.

  • 2nd session: European space infrastructure for the new digital age - October 6th

The second session is called "Which European space infrastructure for the new digital age? European ambitions and solutions for secure connectivity, digital transformation, and technological sovereignty." 

This session will address the challenges and opportunities for the space sector in the framework of Europe’s digital transformation and the role of space systems in fostering digital sovereignty and enabling secure connectivity. Panelists and participants will discuss the future of space telecommunication and new European projects such as the European mega-constellation.

  • 3rd session: Which Space industrial strategy to face new global challenges - October 7th

The third and final session is called "Which space industrial strategy to face new global challenges? European ambitions and solutions for industrial autonomy and economic resilience.” 

This session will address which new industrial and economic strategies will be required to ensure the resilience of the European space industry and enhance Europe’s strategic autonomy. The speakers will address the security of the supply chain and the main issues related to procurement and public demand.


ESPI has already announced some of the speakers and panelists in conference sessions:


  • Eric Morel de Westgaver, Director of European, Legal and International Matters | European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Geneviève Fioraso, Chair of the Advisory Council | European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)
  • André-Hubert Roussel, President | Eurospace


  • Catherine Kavvada, Director for Space Development and Innovation | DG DEFIS, European Commission
  • Elodie Viau,  Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications | European Space Agency (ESA)


To learn more about the 15th Autumn Conference, visit ESPI's website: https://espi.or.at/15th-espi-autumn-conference

To register for the 15th ESPI Autumn Conference, click this link: https://espi.or.at/register-now 



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