11th Croatian Space Cafe - Space Tourism

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11th Croatian Space Cafe - Space Tourism
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11th Croatian Space Cafe - Space Tourism
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Space Tourism

On April 11, 2023, the 11th Croatian Space Café took place online, with great success. During the speakers' presentations, the concept of space tourism and its potential implications were discussed in detail. Mr. Bosanac outlined several key factors, including the possibility of space travel as a recreational activity, the unique panoramic views of Earth that can be observed from space, and innovative approaches to daily activities, such as brushing teeth in a zero-gravity environment. He also mentioned that space tourism is likely to involve airplane-type rockets and settlements that have already been established.

Caius, which began as a start-up and won the Cassini Hackathon, now specializes in using artificial intelligence (AI) for satellite analysis and sustainable tourism development. The company's AI-powered machine learning models are used for travel planning and forecasting tourism trends. Caius has also developed Caius-Paths, which are rural tourism routes based on satellite data.

Generally, the speakers presented valuable insights into the potential of space tourism and the use of AI for sustainable tourism development.