Space Hubs Network Hackathon

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Space Hubs Network Hackathon
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Participants will build a downstream space application from scratch and pitch their ideas to the evaluation board to win the challenge.

About this event

Are you a space enthusiast who wants to know more about what the future holds and willing to be invested in the space sector? Are you interested in finding solutions for space problems?

Then join on April 6-8, the Space Hubs Network Hackathon! The event will be organized online and is open for participants from all over Europe (English working language is required).

How can you participate?

1. Choose a challenge that you feel most enthusiastic about and join a team;

Future space debris minimization: new design for orbital technologies (satellite deployers, LV stages etc.): space debris represents all the dead artificial objects present in space; the task of the teams is to develop and present a possible method of already existing space debris mitigation and/or an alternative to reducing the rate of their generation.

Identification of agricultural over-fertilization using satellite data: early stages of over-fertilization are much more difficult to detect, as different crops may have very specific reactions to excess fertilizing, while accumulation of soluble salts may not be visible before concentrations become dangerously high; we challenge contestants to study the problem more carefully and come up with TRL3 demonstrations of algorithms based on the use of Earth Observation (satellite) data, capable o detection early stages of over-fertilizing in specific crops, as well as indications of soil recovery by the use of sustainable farming practices.

2. Participate in the pre-event and the Hackathon. Use the offered tools and SUN mentors to build your ‘space’ breaking idea!

3. Pitch your results in front of the jury and keep your fingers crossed to be one of the winning teams.

If you believe that you have the perseverance to provide the best solution for a space challenge and win prizes that will help you better explore the space sector, there is only one way to prove it #sunhackathon.

Registrations are open until 5th of April, 2022”?


Space Hubs Network (SUN) is an EU funded programme that encourages the development of sustainable European level initiatives for start-ups and scale-ups. SUN’s main objective is to increase the commercialisation of space-enabled solutions and growth of European start-ups and scale-ups in the space downstream and upstream sectors.

Space Hubs Network will provide various pre-incubation, pre- and post-acceleration support initiatives, giving solutions to accelerate growth and technology commercialization. With help from a broad network of experienced mentors, it will connect investors and potential clients to the industry.