5th Croatian Space Cafe - IoT and the communication with satellites 

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5th Croatian Space Cafe - IoT and the communication with satellites 
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IoT and the communication with satellites 


Monitoring parameters from the environment via IoT and the connection with satellites.


Davor Predavec

Davor Predavec is a lover of nature, technology and knowledge. He is interested in the combination of new technologies, through IoT devices, with the environment. As a doctoral student at the University of Ljubljana, he developed a system for detecting and monitoring floods, and he applies this knowledge to the study of the impact of climate change on the ecosystem.

Davor Predavec, among other things, is the founder and CEO of the company SymbIoTic, which deals with the indirect use of space data. In the UK, he worked on flood detection and monitoring models as part of the Earth Observation (EO) project. This model collects data from open-source Sentinel satellite maps and displays them in risk map layers in a web application. This improves flood risk maps in real time, and the resulting data is used by disaster and risk management centers. Of course, the general public also has multiple benefits from the data obtained and analyzed in this way, which are used in forecasting, prevention and protection from floods. The next step is the launch of global LPWAN satellite monitoring of the occurrence and development of flood disasters in near real time.