4th Croatian Space Cafe: New Space and its use in agriculture

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4th Croatian Space Cafe: New Space and its use in agriculture
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New Space and its use in agriculture - Analysis of agricultural crops through the application of machine learning methods and data obtained from satellite missions


Nowadays, we are witnessing an increasing amount of available information about the world around us. Some of this data includes satellite images of the Earth's surface, which until a few years ago was considered difficult to access information. The countries of the European Union, including the Republic of Croatia, need to create relevant spatial databases for the purposes of long-term planning. Some of the necessary information includes data on crops. Oikon, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, produced detailed maps of agricultural land divided into 10 pre-selected classes at a scale of 1: 5000. For the purpose of creating such detailed images, satellite images available from the European Space Agency and the methodology of object-oriented image analysis paired with machine learning methods were used. Through interviews and visual examples, we will show the possibilities of using space technologies in monitoring agricultural areas and go through some of the methods for extracting information from these publicly available data repositories.


Ivan Tomljenović

Ivan Tomljenović holds a degree in Geodesy and Geoinformatics from the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, and a PhD in Applied Geoinformatics from the Faculty of Science, University of Salzburg. He currently holds the position of Head of the Laboratory for Remote Sensing and GIS at Oikon - Institute for Applied Ecology. He is also the main coordinator for UNIGIS Study Center Zagreb, an online study of applied geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg. He deals with the topics of laser scanning from the air, object analysis of the image, image segmentation, processing of satellite images and general remote sensing.