2nd Croatian Space Cafe: Data Processing and New Space

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2nd Croatian Space Cafe: Data Processing and New Space
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The 1st Online Croatian Space Cafe is happening on Wednesday!

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Data Processing and New Space


Climate change analysis and use of spectroscopic data

Imaging the Earth through Hyperspectral Imaging is an analytical technique based on spectroscopy. This type of image finds a wide range of applications in various fields such as astronomy, agriculture, molecular biology, biomedical images, mineralogy, geology, physics, cultural heritage protection, food processing, environmental protection… As far as climate change is concerned, spectroscopic images can be used to detect anomalies and changes affecting various environmental parameters; from vegetation to water quality, from rainfall to atmospheric conditions. The presentation provides an insight into the operation of hyperspectral sensors, through comparison with RGB and multispectral sensors. We will also learn more about the possible application of hyperspectral images in climate change analysis.


Giorgio Licciardi, Italian Space Agency

Giorgio Licciardi holds a bachelor's degree in telecommunications engineering and a doctorate in geoinformation from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. In 2010, he joined the GIPSA-Lab in Grenoble, where he is researching hyperspectral image processing using artificial intelligence. His scientific work includes feature extraction, spectral mixing, and super-resolution. He is one of the founders of Data Science Experts, a French startup specializing in artificial intelligence, based on the application of Earth observation data. In 2021, Giorgio Licciardi joined the Italian Space Agency as a technologist specializing in hyperspectral data processing.

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