Space Cafe

Space Café in Hungary

Space Café will be a quarterly informal, but professional event focused on networking and round table talks on relevant topics with both external and ESA partners. It aims to create an active space industry community in Hungary.

In these events by the program’s incubated startups, sectoral experts and stakeholders, interested parties and relevant company representatives participate. 


Romanian Space Cafe

The Romanian Space Café initiative aims to create an environment in which to make connections, share information, and have fun in a professional environment at the crossroads of space and business. We are working to support start-ups and scale-ups to grow and participate in the new exciting field of space entrepreneurship so that more people can participate in, benefit from, and understand space.

Croatian Space Cafe

Are you fascinated by space? Do you follow satellites that roam the earth? Wondering what we’ve all achieved since our first landing on the moon?

Did you know that the integration of space and terrestrial systems, better known as precision agriculture, has proven to be very effective in promoting efficient and sustainable agriculture; one that increases productivity while reducing costs, waste and environmental impact?

Greek Space Cafe

An informal and relaxed event that brings together Greek space industry players and space enthusiasts to discuss opportunities of the Greek space sector, network, share experiences and lessons learnt.

The core objective of this initiative is to build a strong space ecosystem in Greece, bringing together actors with successful activity and new teams / entrepreneurs, to innovate together.

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