SUN webinar #1 - How to create a space startup from scratch

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Space Hubs Network cycle of webinars #1 - How to create a space startup from scratch.
External Event

SUN is hosting a cycle of webinars to allow you to learn more about the space industry and hear from experienced speakers and mentors of our project.

The first webinar has the theme "How to create a space startup from scratch", hosted by our mentor Gaetano Volpe. This mentor is a business coach and business development and innovation manager. He has a master's degree in finance & management control and is also a specialist in ICT, Business Models, Maritime, Satellite Telecommunications, Space and Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Cloud Solutions, IOT integrated projects, Financial Planning, Marketing of innovations.

This discussion/mentoring session can be very useful for your business and startup growth. You will have the possibility to clear doubts and learn more about the do's and don'ts on your entrepreneur journey.

Don't worry if you've missed the event! - See the recording here