3rd Croatian Space Cafe: Space and the financial sector

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3rd Croatian Space Cafe: Space and the financial sector
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Space in the financial sector - benefits, technologies and opportunities


At this space gathering, we will talk about space technologies, data and services that can find application in the financial sector. The topic will be covered at a high level of detail, and everyone who wants to learn more about space applications and entrepreneurship is invited, including students and young professionals. Among other things, we will give examples of how to start a career or start a company in the space industry.


Mirta Medanić, Amphinicy Technologies

Mirta Medanić has been working and working in the space industry for eight years at Amphinicy Technologies, a supplier of complex software solutions for the satellite industry. She has a master's degree in electrical engineering from Zagreb's FER and is a certified leader in the preparation and implementation of EU projects. Mirta is an active member of the domestic and international space community. She is the author and coordinator of the SGAC Croatia Webinar Series project, eight webinars on space as an interdisciplinary field held in the Croatian language, and co-creator of content on social networks on the topic #SpaceAndOtherStories. Her recent engagements have been mentoring at the Second Cassini Hackathon in Zagreb and speaking at the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. She loves working with people and traveling.

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